The Espalier Shop custom make espalier frames to suit any size project. Our popular range of rust free, steel frames are usually used to line driveways, hide unsightly walls, bins or heater/air-conditioning unit, divide areas within a garden or are a solid foundation to hang vertical garden pots on. The frames can be made up in sections to make them easy to transfer.

Illustrated are some standard panel sizes that are most commonly requested however The Espalier Shop is not just limited to making these. Please contact us for a free quote. If you already have plans or know your design idea and sizes please send them through to us for a free quote.

The Espalier shop also provide installation services if required. 

2450H x 1250W

2050H x 1250W

Popular Standard Size Frames

1850H x 1250W   - $290.00

2050H x 1250W  - $310.00

2450H x 1250W  - $325.00

1250H x 2450W  - $325.00

Prices are based on one complete frame

Free quotes can be provided for any size frame and style you require


1850H x 1250W

1250H x 2450W